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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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Our Story

I care for myself, just as I am...I work on allowing my thoughts, the ones that tell how i 'should be' to be there, but i turn the judgement into inquirey. I respect that the judgement comes from grief, sadness and possibly externa influences and also the desire to be more, but i alsi recognise that with judgement, no growth can occur, only shame and darkness will cloud my view. In stead i creat natural wonder, like a child in awe of all the is, and I ask myself, i wonder why i did curious to know, so that the time is not waitsted and the lesson i can take is not lost, i value each experience as an opporuntity for growth. I inquire where the needs were being met and what needs wern't. and what needs are still desircing to be met. 

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Our Clients

Caulfield Psychology, Elsternwisk psychology, Vic 3185, Vic 3162. Mindfullnesspsychology.

A place for contemplation, healing and growth...

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